Let's have a look at a screenshot I just made:

screenshot showing problem; but if you can't see (this), you can't see the problem, so this alt text is useless anyway

Until now, when viewing a page containing questions marked with an ‘interesting tag’, all questions got a nice, soothing yellow background to let me know that all questions contain interesting tags. I know this signal is redundant on a page where I view only questions containing at least one interesting tag, but I grew accustomed to the yellowish view.

However, I just visited SO again and clicked an interesting tag. To my amazement, not all questions got a yellow background, creating a sick zebra-like pattern in front of me, that looks distracting. I guess that something like this question's proposal got fulfilled, highlighting only questions that contain other interesting tags, but this looks confusing to me. As I can't find anything about this on Meta, it might as well be a bug.


It was changed yesterday:

To alleviate the "everything's orange" problem, if one of your interesting/frequented/ignored tags is in the list of tags on a /questions/tagged/{tags} page highlighting for that tag will be disabled.

For instance, if your interesting tags are java and android, going to Questions Tagged java will cause only android tagged questions to be highlighted.

This code will go out with our next build.

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