Some badges are awarded instantly (like the early badge awards designed to inspire a pavlovian reaction), some seem to be awarded in some kind of late night batch job (the harder to reach ones?) - is there any way of telling which is which?

So that if you are due a badge, there is a visual clue to suggest how long you should wait before yelling "where's my ^&%&%$(& badge!".

Perhaps a little icon with the letter 'i' in it, next to the instantly awarded badges along with a textual note at the bottom of the badges page would be enough.

ADDENDUM As noted below there appears to be a third badge timing, certainly for the 'Tenacious' badge.


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"Badges? We don't need no stinkin' badges!" Sorry... could not resist. Sleep deprivation!

I get the idea that some of the badges happen at a certain time due to potentially involved calculations/queries going into earning them. For others, I suspect there is a delay to make sure the trigger event 'sticks'.

But then some easy ones, like your first comment, first vote, etc; as you note, it's very useful to have them appear 'instantly', and those happen to be ones that I would guess are easier to reward quickly.


I recently asked a similar question.

Right now the official answer seems to be wait 24hrs.

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    Except for Unsung Hero and Tenacious which I think is wait a week Commented Dec 21, 2010 at 22:40

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