Per waffles' response to my recent support request, even a well-intentioned tag merge can destroy data irrevocably.

There were probably about 32 questions tagged "sequel" that have all been retagged to "sql".

We need a mechanism to undo this damage in the rare cases when it occurs again.

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I'm not necessarily opposed to this, but how does a mis-synonym "destroy data irrevocably"? You check all the posts tagged since the synonym was created and retag the ones that should be . It's tag merges that really screw stuff up, since you now need to check every post tagged , but that's why merges can only be done by moderators

Edit: I just read waffles' post:

what more now there are no questions tagged sequel to be found.

This wouldn't happen from a synonym creation; it sounds like Bill merged the tags. Are you asking for a way to undo tag merges instead of tag synonyms?

  • Yes, it was the tag merge that caused the real damage. Dec 27, 2010 at 15:57
  • Thanks for the clarification; not being a mode, I didn't realize they were separate actions. I've clarified the wording.
    – Phrogz
    Dec 27, 2010 at 16:54

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