Stackoverflow should do a proper cleanup on questions before migrate to PSE. See this example: Getting started with open source. It has multiple duplicates including this migrated question: So I want to get into open-source programming

Stackoverflow mods/community will throw question as they want and PSE mods/community should give the proper handling for SO's messy?

SO people should managing the topic properly and when it get organized then it can be migrated to PSE. Sweep the trash to neighbor is not the solution. Otherwise or SO never get organized or SO will just push the problem for another site.

We PSE people will merge our questions with SO questions properly migrated but we don't do the SO's job merging their duplicated questions.

It's just a example of the upcoming problem. These specific questions has another problem, see: Migration questions from SO to PSE just to stay temporarily

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  • Wait, what are you asking here? You can't close a question as a duplicate of a question on another site - all you can do is migrate and rely on the users at the destination to take care of it. – Shog9 Dec 29 '10 at 17:55
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    I know that my grammar is not good, but please, could you read again? Could you follow the links and READ them to get context. I'm talking about the SO's messy. Duplication inter-site is not the problem, the duplication inside the SO is the problem. So, the problem of its duplication should be dumped to another site... Should SO members throw 10, 20 of its duplicated questions to PSE solve the problem? If SO members insists on that, PSE members simply won't handling the SO's messy, just put them on trash can. – Maniero Dec 29 '10 at 18:49