Is there anyway to create some kind of a custom query or filer on SO?

What I'd like to see is a list of questions asked in the past 7 days with no replies at all, within my set of interested tags, that are asked by users with an acceptance rate > 75%.

Is this possible somehow?

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There are many search options, but none that get the specific results you want.

The closest (i.e., most useful) you can get is the new My Tags feature (unanswered + interesting tags, sorted descending by votes). Or you can manually input your interesting tags and use the answers:0 search option to find questions with literally zero answers.

There's a feature request pending to add the ability to date filter search results, and there's also a feature request pending to add the ability to sort the My Tags feature by most recent first.

The one part of what you're asking for that will never happen is filtering by a users accept rate. Read this for context. (And before you ask, searching by users' reputation falls into the same category.)


Now there's SE Data Explorer, where you can write your own queries in SQL. You can take a look at a few and fork from those to your own purposes.


Just use the search box. Add these to your "query"

  • No replies - answers:0
  • Tags - [java] [anothertag] [yetanothertag]

For past 7 days, just sort by date. Currently there is no way to search by acceptance rate.

See https://meta.stackoverflow.com/search

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