I'd like to propose a badge for the "volume" of shares (hopefully I'm not contributing to annoying dups) ...

Sharing Badge

Currently the badges are based of the "volume" of vists to particular questions ... based on shares, but not on the number of total shares overall.

This has two major drawbacks as I see it ...

  • Tags that have less overall traffic (while still being very valid) are unfairly misrepresented. The idea being a question/anwser might be really good +10 or more but the traffic (in general) is lower than a more "popular" topic.
  • By only rewarding super popular questions there is no incentive to continually share links to questions ... which I belive would be encouraged by a badge rewarding such behavoir? Maybe something like: shared 10,100,500 ... whatever ... posts?

What are you meta-people's thoughts?


You'd need to have a minimum number of visits for those links (otherwise how would the system know that you'd posted one?).

Given that it doesn't seem that there's much to distinguish this from the Announcer badge.

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