I was searching for certain answers within a question, viz. Python books in the list of freely available programming books. Following are various search queries and associated search results:

stackoverflow search bug

Problem Statement:

Cannot Search for "tag level words" within a question (which does not have the specific tag) for answers (which cannot have tags) viz python, even while using quotes or "+" to avoid auto detection as tag. But when another word is combined with the search query eg.inquestion:194812 "python" dive, you get results. This means that though the "engine" can search for the words python and dive within the question, it will not search for the word python, even if you use quotes to avoid tag detection.

A similar problem used to exist(?) before for plain searches (without the inquestion or any other tags), but currently one can search for "python" and get results which do not have python as a tag but has python in the question/answer body. Screenshot for example using the "tag level word" comet in quotes to search for questions with comet in the body. quoted comet search

Is this a bug: Maybe. Because I can avoid auto detection of tag level words by using quotes while searching, but if I use a Advanced Super Ninja Search Option like inquestion in conjunction, I fail to get results.

I am unsure if this is a bug, so I have included the feature request tag, it would be great to avoid auto tag detection and search for tag level words within a question.

(I have looked in all the other tabs too(relevance, votes, active etc.) )

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We recently changed the search engine, which enables things like this to work better; searching for: inquestion:194812 +python now gets you the 22 results you are likely after.

Remember to use +python here to prevent it from searching strictly on the tag [python].

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