This question mentions the existence of a moderator agreement. Is there a way I can see it if I'm not a moderator? I'm just curious.

Maybe a mod can copy & paste it as an answer.


We have made this public at /legal/moderator-agreement

  • Can I suggest including this link in /admin/links as well instead of me hunting it down to here? – Double AA Nov 22 '12 at 7:22
  • That page says "Stack Exchange Inc." while the copy in the other answer says "Stack Overflow Internet Services, Inc". Which one is correct? – Nemo Feb 11 at 9:46

Hopefully this is okay to post:

In order to access the ♦ moderator functions, please review and accept the following terms:

I acknowledge and agree that as a moderator for Stack Overflow Internet Services, Inc.

  • I will abide by the then-current Terms of Service of Board and Card Games, and other moderator policies made available to me,
  • I acknowledge that I may have access to potentially personally-identifying information about Board and Card Games users and that in connection with such access
    • I will use such information solely in accordance with the then-current Privacy Policy of Board and Card Games,
    • I will not disclose this information to anyone,
    • I will not store or copy this information and
    • I will only use such information in connection with performance as a Board and Card Games moderator for the benefit of Board and Card Games.

I acknowledge and agree that I am an independent volunteer moderator to Board and Card Games and I am not an employee, agent or representative of Stack Overflow Internet Services, Inc., and I have no authority to bind Stack Overflow Internet Services, Inc. in any manner. Stack Overflow Internet Services, Inc. reserves the right to terminate my privileges as a moderator at any time without warning.

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    Yes, it's okay to post. The EULA says, essentially, that "you have access to private information; don't share it." ... No big trade secrets there. – Robert Cartaino Jan 13 '11 at 3:30
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    ...As well as, you agree to perform thee services without compensation. – Pollyanna Jan 13 '11 at 4:22

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