This question Detect 1-time credit cards on SO is tagged 'bin', presumably for 'bank identification number', but that could easily have been used for something else. However the tag pages and searching for the tag return completely empty pages:

as does the hover pop-up for the tag. It's a cross-site problem too

I've tried this too with other likely magic filename tag names (e.g. aux, usr, nul, null, com1) but no problems.


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This is probably due to the server configuration, it has also been reported for URLs ending with .cs. The workaround is to use [bin].

  • Oops, yes, that question mentions the bin tag too. Sorry, didn't spot the duplication. However this is still a bug in SO until it generates the [bin] URLs I guess.
    – Rup
    Jan 13, 2011 at 12:30

As an aside to having to use [bin] instead to list questions with that tag, I'd say use of bin for "bank identification number" is probably wrong and it should be removed (or possibly retagged cc-bin or creditcard-bin).


We fixed these cases after the upgrade to ASP.Net MVC4 about a year ago - sorry it took so long!

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