At the time of this writing, this question was written 57 minutes ago, closed 43 seconds ago and has already earned itself one delete vote:

mod tools page showing one delete vote

According to the FAQ page about deleted questions, there's only one scenario in which posts earn delete votes: when they've been closed for more than 48 hours. So how did someone vote to delete?

Here's some good old-fashioned wild speculation:

  • after question is closed, OP's right to delete unilaterally gets converted to the right to cast one delete vote not bound by the 48-hour timer EDIT: this guess is wrong, per that question's OP
  • based on the comment and revision history, it looks like the OP deleted and then undeleted the question shortly after it was asked; this might be some kind of unintentional aftereffect of that deletion
  • (If a moderator —or even developer?— feels an urgent need for testing: 10 hours ago I deleted a duplicate question I posted myself, after 2 others and I myself cast a close vote. Feel free to temporarily undelete that and see if it automatically converts my delete action into a delete vote. I cannot see that question myself anymore.) – Arjan Jan 17 '11 at 12:00
  • 1
    @Arjan As I point out in my answer, there's no conversion of anything. Just undeleting it will register, closed or not, because there is now a question with one successful delete vote that is not currently deleted. – Grace Note Jan 17 '11 at 12:02

That was my question. I deleted it almost immediately after the link to the duplicate was provided. I must have accidentally hit undelete on a subsequent page thinking it wasn't deleted yet.

After coming back to the site and seeing it was now marked as closed, I was unable to delete it as a message stating

To allow for possible reopneing, you may delete in 2 days

was showing up when I hit delete.

  • Thanks for the follow-up! – Pops Jan 17 '11 at 13:37

Your second guess is mostly on the spot. This is the same situation that happened here and here. Here is a related post which explains why things happen the way they do. It's not so much unintentional as it is confusing.

It has one successful delete vote, cast before the closing happened. Because that successful delete vote was in the past 2 days and the question is currently not deleted, you'll see it in the recent delete votes. There are no live delete votes on that question.

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