I have been a Stack Overflow user for months, had 1000+ reputation, 1 silver badge, and 8 bronze badges. I just logged it few days ago, and it was working fine, but now I can't log in any more.

In the Users Section, I can't find my name, and when I went to recover my account using my OpenID, it said that this ID doesn't exist in the system.

I can't understand what's happening out there. I don't want to lose my account.

This was my account URL: https://stackoverflow.com/users/487642/mazhar-karimi

  • Surely, you can understand what is happening... Jan 18, 2011 at 11:25

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You have all IPs in common with this user, as well as statistically anomalous cross-vote patterns:

5K reputation loss in one day. How BIG is that?

What happened to my reputation?

also, your profile says you are in "U.S.A." (your old, deleted profile said NYC) and yet your IP addresses, all of them, geolocate halfway around the world. Not a single IP you have appeared at is from the US.

I find that... interesting.


You can send a mail to [email protected]. They are able to tell what has happened and possibly correct it.

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