I just had a really annoying occurrence of someone editing my question. Essentially someone changed one word comprised -> composed. The edit summary (aka revision comment) of the edit was comprised != composed... Now the editor thought he was doing me a favor and correcting my English, but wouldn't you know: I actually meant comprised.

Right then and there I rolled it back - not a problem.

At the very least I'd have liked to put "no i meant comprised" in the edit summary for the rollback, but the summary was auto-populated to "rollback to rev x". (apparently this already exists...)

But I still think a full-blown comment thread for edits might be a good idea to facilitate the refinement of questions. Short of commenting on my original question there is no way to do this right now.

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You can currently perform a rollback with an edit summary. If you choose to edit a post, you notice the dropdown at the top? If you select an earlier revision, you can basically submit it without changes, but supply a revision summary.

Check it out in real action with this screencast from Gaming user Arda Xi!


In general, I think a rollback states pretty explicitly, "No, I meant that!" and most people will not override a rollback without putting some careful thought into it.

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