I am researching CMS options on SO and I worry that some answers may be out of date, but I have no idea. I wanted to understand how out-of-date content is managed. I see related information for when one knows something already, but I don't see How does one tell if a question and its answers are out-of-date? Often it is too painful to try answers and feed back results.

Is there perhaps any way to view date-related information about the voting history (e.g., when votes were cast or how much recent activity)?

Here is related info I have found:

Perhaps I searched badly, but it's been a long day and I think it just as likely that the answer I seek is not yet on meta.

For example, a comment on What is a good CMS... ? rules out one option (Skeletonz), but beyond that I cannot tell what is better: highly voted or more recent answers. (I'm not leaning this way for CMS.)

  • Adding to the question, I also think there are some links in questions and answers which are no more available. We should know such questions and answers too... Jan 21, 2011 at 6:31


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