I've seen or heard of flagged posts with scores ranging from -11 to 100, but without knowing what the total range is these scores are somewhat meaningless.

What I'd like to know is:

  • What's the lowest possible score (a perfectly bad question)
  • What's the highest possible score (a perfectly good question)
  • What's the threshold where posts are flagged as "low quality posts" for moderator attention?

[Edit] To clarify, I'm talking about the quality score that you see on the /review page, not the vote score. For example, this answer has a vote score of 0 and a quality score of 79.

alt text

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It's just a heuristic based on

Heuristics for detecting a bad answer?

Posts start out with a value of 100; the threshold to appear is < 80.

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Posts are flagged as "very low quality" when they are shorter than 220 chars, and

  • The answer contains text matching one of these regular expressions: "thank|cheers|thx|great" and "same.*?(problem|error|bug)"
  • The answer contains just a single URL

In such cases, the flag is applied, independently from the quality score of the post.

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