Area 51 has a new layout with categories on the left. My question is - how are proposals assigned to those categories and by whom?

I ask because I'm thinking of my main proposal: Wikipedia and Wikis. It is currently under Technology which makes sense. But what about the other categories? E.g. given that it includes Wikipedia, why isn't it also listed under Culture? Or since it includes moderating for businesses, why isn't it included under Business as well? (Yes, I know someone will say that with this proposal I could argue that it could go under almost any category - that's the point - how are these assigned?)

And related - are these categories fixed for all time? If not, how can they be changed?

  • And where is the line drawn between Culture and Recreation? Guitars? (Er, never mind, Guitars is in Arts. And not Life, either.)
    – mmyers
    Commented Jan 27, 2011 at 22:21

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Michael Mrozek's answer is correct for your main question. To answer the other questions:

  • All proposals will only be in one category. Sometimes the line is a little blurry, but we want to force proposals to pick a category because it will help define the scope of the site
  • Moderators can change the category of a proposal. If you think a category should be changed, create a discussion, e.g. "Should Wikipedia and Wikis be in the Culture category?"

If proposals need to change category often, we may allow higher-rep users to vote to change category (like voting to close, delete, etc).


It looks like you need to choose a category when you make a new proposal; there's a Propose a new Technology site link at the bottom of the Technology category, but no equivalent link on the main page. I assume Robert and Rebecca manually sorted the existing proposals, since they didn't have categories chosen by the proposer


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