The , and tags on Stack Overflow all appear to be the same thing to me and none have a wiki describing or distinguishing them.

If I am right, I think they should probably be merged into one tag. If not, then they should probably be given descriptions that distinguish them from each other.

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    In retrospect, only il and intermediate-language tags should be merged. cil is a more specific case than the other two. Commented Aug 12, 2011 at 3:40

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I went through the 23 questions tagged il not obviously about CIL and only found 3 that weren't about CIL after all (typo for <li>, intermediate language, RDF). That leaves 211 questions that are about CIL. My suggestion:

  • Merge into (this is a moderator action).
  • Remove the synonym: is one whole character longer. (Again, this is a moderator action.)

And yes, is about the general concept of an intermediate language in compiler design and must be kept separate.

P.S. needs a bit of clean up: about 3/4 of the questions are specifically about . It's still a useful tag to have.

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