If I want to write the URL of a website on Stack Exchange using Markdown, how do I do that?

For example:

<a href="abc.php">ABC</a> 

What is the way to write this URL on Stack Exchange?


Actually, Markdown supports three (plus one) ways of creating a clickable link.

1. [Stack Overflow][1] (number reference)
2. [Stack Overflow][so] (tagged reference)
3. [Stack Overflow](http://stackoverflow.com) (direct reference)

[1]: http://stackoverflow.com
[so]: http://stackoverflow.com

Results in:

  1. Stack Overflow (number reference)
  2. Stack Overflow (tagged reference)
  3. Stack Overflow (direct reference)

And, of course, a raw URL will be converted to be clickable.


Results in:


This is all in the Help, of course. Don't be afraid to click that little question mark above the text area.

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In stack overflow, you can make links by following the steps:

  • Link text is enclosed in square brackets eq: [ABC]
  • Next you provide a link number beside it eq: [ABC] [x]
  • At the bottom of your post you provide the actual link in the form: [x]: link URL

so your content will look like:


And the bottom of the post you will have:

[1]: http://your-actual-link.com
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    Or: use the toolbar above the editor, or press Ctrl-L. – Arjan Feb 1 '11 at 12:08

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