I have read some user requesting auto-completion when typing a user name with the @user notation, but I'm missing something simpler. It's the fact of displaying those user names in comments highlighted.

I think this can be specially useful for detecting misspellings we made, which it's something fairly easy, considering "original" user-names and a little familiarization with some names from other countries.


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I like this solution just as much as the auto-completion. They both would serve the purpose of helping you select the name of the user and keeping from adding a comment that has a misspelled name that goes undetected.

A reply to comment button might be an easier option. Either as a link next to each comment or a control to the right or bottom of the comment box that allows you to select and paste a user name.

However, one thing you can do to help avoid this issue without a change to stack overflow is to type less of the user name.

If I was repying to you instead of typing @mdelolmo, I could just type @m and as long as there was not another user with a name that starts with m between you and I in the chain of comments then it will notify you.

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