Is there any restriction to prevent multiple bounties ( not simultaneously) being awarded to different answers on the same question ?

i.e., on a question I had asked - I want to set multiple bounties since I've received 2 awesome answers. Can I set award a bounty on answer A first, and then set the bounty and award it to answer B ?


Adding several bounties says only one active at a time, but @YiJiang says you can award multiple on the same question, looking for a MSO answer to that regard.

And he provides proof in the chatroom with this image: an image that belongs to YiJiang

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Yes, you can.

Here is an example where I awarded five bounties to four different answers on the same question:

Fast method to copy memory with translation - ARGB to BGR

I gave two bounties to the same answer, and the other three bounties to different answers.


One user can start multiple bounties on the same question. If you find yourself being unable to do so, it means that either

  1. There already is an active bounty on this question or

  2. You already have 3 other active bounties that you started (that's maximum)

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