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Auto Loading of New Questions

Wouldn't it be nice if the newest questions flow automatically into the panel like on twitter.com to avoid the manual reloading of the page? So you could just watch if something comes up that you're interested in without the manual reload.


Stack Overflow currently gets 3.1k questions per day. That averages out to over 2 questions per minute, every minute of the day. That is way to much to be able to comfortably follow. It's a nice-to-have-in-a-fun-sort-of-way, but could you imagine trying to keep up with that? By the time you're done reading the title of a question in the list, the page would jump as a result of the update. Aside from the additional tax on the servers, it would have to be done very carefully from the end-user point of view.

  • If the panel works smart with my favourite and ignored tags it would totally work. – Martin Buberl Feb 6 '11 at 18:24

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