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How about a “Vote not to close” option to counter the “Vote to close”?

In my experience, close votes are often self-reinforcing, in that when the first one is cast, people will tend to follow them (more or less) blindly. I know that there's the possibility of casting reopen votes once the question gets closed. But, I think the process would be more fair if it was possible to cast a "do not close" vote while the question was still open.

This would make it more obvious that some users disagree with other users that a particular question is, for instance, "not a real question" or (perhaps most importantly) "off topic".

I mean, I often think that I have an idea what the poster is asking for help with, vague as it may be, but it is a waste of time to start authoring an answer only to be notified with a "the question has been closed" message after a few minutes.

Furthermore I think that with regards to "off topic" it would slow the "snowball effect" since it would indicate to other closers that not everyone agrees, and that they should maybe give it a second thought.

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