Until very recently, typing ``` in a comment gave `. Now it gives ```, and I have to type `\`` to get `. Can someone explain what exactly was changed recently in comment markdown treatment?

EDIT1: Maybe I'm allowed a second question: Is there any place where I can look up such changes? (It's just not so nice if it happens without any notice.)

Now this is really not nice at all: In my comment here there's a triple backtick instead of a single one in inline code. At this moment, the google cache shows how it looked after I submitted my comment. I posted this comment a lot of times, so will they now all look distorted? I added the tag.


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I believe this is a more correct form, requiring explicit escaping.

So I have converted all known instances (under 100) to the correct escaped form.*

update PostComments
set Text = dbo.RegexReplace(Text, '(\s|^|\()(```)(\s|$|\)|\.|\?|\,)', '$1`\``$3')
where DeletionDate is null 
and dbo.RegexIsMatch(Text, '(\s|^|\()(```)(\s|$|\)|\.|\?|\,)') = 1

(prior to this I removed all instances of ``{4,}` from the system first)

* on SOFU and Tex only; not convinced it's relevant anywhere else

  • You are 100% correct with your first sentence. I was just bothered very much about the incorrect rendering of all my old comments. Of those <100, a great percentage came from me. Thanks a lot for fixing this! (I can't say that I understand your code.) Can you please explain what made that change of the old comments in the first place? Commented Feb 13, 2011 at 19:46
  • Is the changed effect of the triple backtick connected with this recent change (which I highly appreciate)? Commented Feb 14, 2011 at 11:20

The behaviour of backticks in comments has always been ... delicate, shall we say.

It breaks on some releases of the software; it gets fixed again later - usually fairly quickly. It is frustrating; it has happened a lot in the last couple of years (as in a dozen or so times - I've not been keeping a formal count). There ought to be red warning flags around that bit of the code: "Do not change without running extensive QA on this!".


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