I'm just curious if there is such a statistic available anywhere?


If you know the query, you could use the Query site

You could sum the number of upvotes and group that by hour. That would give a rough image of the reputation given.

A good statistic would then create a different list of if it's a question or an answer being upvoted and multiply the number by the reputation it gives, and then look at the downvotes and reduce the number by those results.

Here's a naive query. You could take those results and plot them.

SELECT YEAR(CreationDate), MONTH(CreationDate), DAY(CreationDate), COUNT(Id) 
GROUP BY​ YEAR(CreationDate), MONTH(CreationDate), DAY(CreationDate)
ORDER BY YEAR(CreationDate), MONTH(CreationDate), DAY(CreationDate)​

I ran it and charted it for you, just if you were curious.


Warning, big png image.

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