I just flagged a question I asked prior to opening a SO account, requesting that it be merged with my current account. A few moments later my rep went down by 2, with no downvotes showing up in the tracker. Is this expected behavior? I've flagged a question before (for a different reason) and didn't notice this happening.

The question is here, if that's relevant.

Too Many Left Outer Joins in Entity Framework 4?


No, flagging does not cost you Rep.

It looks to me like you were downvoted here and that's why you lost 2 rep.

EDIT: Wait, you flagged your own question to have it merged in with your new account. I see. Then you probably triggered a reputation recalc on yourself, either that or it was a byproduct of the merging. See:

Inconsistent Reputation After Merge

How do I know if my points have been recalc-ed?

How can I request a reputation recalc?

Also, I was given the relevant part of a sample merge log in chat:

520613 15:49:58
Beginning merge into master User 'user4834' (Id=4834) for merge User 'user4890' (Id=4890).
. . .
Recalculating rep - before: 1
Recalculated rep for User.Id = 4834 -> old rep = 1, new rep = 1

As you can see, a rep recalc is triggered.

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