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Should users be discouraged from asking new questions until they've accepted a certain % or deleted old unaccepted questions?

Recently more users with low/no accept rate are asking questions, I think displaying a simple message to the users telling them they should accept answers to their existing questions and outline the benefits:

  • Other users are more likely to answer your questions, and faster
  • You will get extra reputation
  • It's like saying thank you to the person who gave you the answer
  • You'll help other people who come across your question, by showing them the best answer
  • It only takes a couple of seconds

Also on this alert page (similar to if you click ask a question when your logged out) it should show a list of answers that user has not accepted an answer on.

Maybe it would be an idea to increase the reputation earned for users with low/or only no accept rate when the accept an answer, to say 5.


  • 76% of questions that have at least 1 answer have an accepted answer.
  • 63% of all questions have an accepted answer
  • 254,000 questions (out of questions with at least 1 answer) don't have an accepted answer.
  • 494,000 questions (out of all questions) don't have an accepted answer
  • Basically over a third of questions don't have an accepted answer