Since Careers 2.0 is starting to look pretty good as you've ironed out lots of bugs already (thanks!), it's time to start reporting more cosmetic issues. :-)

English language & usage favicon is missing when I selected a "top answer" from that site.

enter image description here

(The img points to http://sstatic.net/englishlanguageandusage/Img/favicon.ico, which gives 404.)

I tried some other (new) SE sites too: most seem to work (but I haven't posted to all, so couldn't test), but at least for Webapps it's also broken.

Edit: Oh, and meta.so icon is broken! (Heh, I guess it's possible that someone would want to highlight a meta contribution in their CV... :P)


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This should be good to go now. Thanks for the report!


Unix and Linux is also broken. It's getting the sstatic.net folder name wrong; the image it's trying to load is http://sstatic.net/unixandlinux/Img/favicon.ico, but UL's images are in unix; it should be trying to load http://sstatic.net/unix/Img/favicon.ico:

The correct icon

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