When viewing a list of badge recipients it would be handy to have a link that goes to a query in the dataexplorer to show how close/far you are from achieving that badge. User and badge ID could be passed as url params.

(Inspired by waffles' comment on Strunk-and-White problem?)

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This is not always possible.

For example, see this question: SEDE translation of Legendary badge query
or the data for the latest badge (as at 25-Feb-2011): Create a badge for excellence in site maintenance/flagging

SE DataExplorer does not have enough data to model a good portion of the queries.

The second and more crucial issue is that you want such a link to be able to check frequently - well, SEDE is updated weekly (on Monday)


How frequently is Stack Exchange Data Explorer updated?
The data is updated early every Monday morning around 3:00 UTC. The last update was Apr 26 at 6:43.

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