The traditional users page has recently been replaced by a more dynamic reputation-league-style page. While I welcome this change in general, I would like to have the "newest" tab back.

While I agree that for example the "oldest" tab served little purpose, the newest tab can be useful: For example if you want to keep track of the rate with which new users sign up on a beta site (or if you want to see whether a recent blog post/reddit post/whatever caused an increase in sign ups or whether a friend you've been nagging to sign up has done so yet).

So I propose that in the addition to the league-style tabs, there should also be a "newest" tab which sorts the user by the date they registered, newest first.

  • I see the new users tab is back, but it is not sorted by join date. Mar 2, 2011 at 16:59

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Whether this came and went, it's back with the ability to sort "new users" based on "creation date":

enter image description here

"New users" are defined as those "who joined in the last 45 days".

Of course, the following query will also do the trick (with a bit of a delay from data in SEDE):

select Id, DisplayName, CreationDate
from Users
where DateDiff("d",CreationDate,getdate()) <= 45
order by CreationDate desc;

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