Sometimes a post has both valid flags and invalid flags. As far as I can tell, all the flags on the same post have to be dismissed with the same validity.

The scenario I encountered (on this question):

  1. A low-quality question is closed.
  2. The asker improves the question and flags for reopening.
  3. A moderator reopens the question, but doesn't dismiss the flag yet.
  4. Someone else flags the question as “off topic”.

Since I agree with the reopening, and I don't consider the question off-topic, I would like to dismiss the first flag as valid and the second flag as invalid. But there's only one set of buttons for both flags.

And just now, two flags on a closed question: one that says “delete it”, the other one that says “reopen it”. The correct course of action is neither (the ideal outcome would be for the question to be edited then reopened). I should provide different feedback to the two flaggers, but I can't.

Unless I've missed something, please allow multiple flags on the same post to be dismissed separately.


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As a stopgap until we get Tim's new mod interface out, you can now dismiss individual flags (or really, same-type flags) on posts.

Just click the flag text on an active flag to bring up the normal dismiss UI - the flag you're handling will be outlined in breathtaking maroon:

showing one flag type out of two highlighted with dismissal dialog open

Note that while you can use this to decline disputed flags (while still marking the "invalid flag" flags as helpful) this is not required and should be reserved for extreme cases only; the default behavior (marking all flags as "disputed") is still the intended outcome for most cases at this time.

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    A few notes (realizing this is temporary): Handling this on flags where the post has been expanded causes the entire page to refresh when a flag is handled. If I go 'back', then I can see that flag again, otherwise I lose track of the flag (and can't handle the rest of the flags on that post) Commented Mar 17, 2014 at 20:44
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    @GeorgeStocker yeah, I'm ironing out a few bugs right now - just let me know when you see issues. Commented Mar 17, 2014 at 20:47

There is a special moderator-only /review interface in the works, that will allow moderators to validate or decline flags individually. As of this writing it's partially complete, it was part of an overhaul of moderator tools that we did about a month and a half ago.

However, we fully intend to finish it in less than six to eight weeks soon, dev workload permitting. When done, it will be available in addition to the current moderator dashboard while we refine it, and then hopefully more or less replace it for most things.

This was one of the single most frequent complaints about the system, as the workflow basically forced moderators to validate bogus flags in an effort to not penalize valid ones - it was a major feature upgrade in what we have brewing.


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