Please provide a way to search only in Question-text. I don't mean in one specific question, like the inquestion: search-option, but across all questions -- excluding the answers.

Say I'm trying to find questions about "Technology X"...

  • The title: search-option helps, but often times the Question-Asker will only mention "Technology X" in the question body, not the title.

  • Tag search helps but many questions are mistagged, or maybe the tag for "Technology X" wasn't available to the OP (or at all, yet).

  • The body: search-option is no good, because it pulls in hundreds of questions where "Technology X" was mentioned as a solution (and may be) but the question is not particularly about "Technology X". Or if "Technology X" has a name that is way overloaded -- EG: "Objective" or "Stylish", then it pulls in hundreds more junk results.

So please add a questiontext: search-option. It Would really help out with (re)tagging questions and with searching for duplicates or related-answers.

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This has been implemented (long ago, actually) with the is:question operator (which has a shorthand is:q). So the search query

is:q mistagged

(results) will return your question, but not my answer, even though it does contain the word 'mistagged'.


If you add views:0 to a search string, it will reduce the search to only posts with at least 0 views. Consequently, only questions have views, so this is a general shortcut to reduce a search to only questions, not both questions and answers.

Thus, to search for text only in the question, you'd use views:0 body:<term>.

  • +1; That's a neat trick! It's not intuitive, nor posted on the search-options page, so I shall struggle to remember it. But, this does hint that it should be easy to implement a questiontext: feature. (^_^) Commented Mar 3, 2011 at 4:09

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