I was looking for searching favorites when I found
Ability to search favorites and questions

An answer over there says

There is a Grease Monkey script here that should do it.

Well, then I went to that page.
The solution over there uses a script so-bigbox.user.js and says

Install Greasemonkey for Firefox.

Is the solution limited only to FireFox?
Any way for searching favorites using IE,Opera,Safari?
Why is the feature not included in the website itself if there were so many request for the feature?

Please Note:This is not a duplicate question,
My question is "Is there any way for searching favorites using IE,Opera,Safari?"

A list of requests in the past
Better Favourites Organisation
Add favourites tab after tag search
Please allow users to sort their favorites based on tags.
Tag Filtering/Searching for Favourites (closed)
How to search questions marked as favorites on SO?
Search in favorited question? (It is tagged as status-completed)


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I found a solution for installing the so-bigbox.user.js script on IE, Opera, Safari.

How do I install a userscript?

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