It would be nice if you could pick which profiles to show on your combined flair image. Or to create multiple combined flair images with different associated profiles.

I'm suggesting this because I believe not all SE sites are relevant to each other. I'd like to use a combined flair for SO, Programmers.SE and Code Review, but not other SE sites I'm active on.


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Adapting some answers to this question...

(The easiest thing to do is to just use per-site flair (though of course that does not answer your question). And advantage of this is that, since someone customizing flair may be tailoring things to impress some audience, there is more to see (and be impressed by).)

For multi-site flair, there are tools to help:

...and then there is the API:

(Yes, I realize the question is a feature request (for a method that is even easier than the methods listed here), but in some sense the API is an already-present implementation of the feature. Also, between now and the time an easier method gets implemented (if it does), readers may come looking for something that works now.)


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