At the bottom of every SO/SE site is a set of links:


The podcast link goes to the StackOverflow podcast page on IT Conversations. the most recent podacast is coming up for a year old.

Two options:

  1. Remove the link
  2. Record more podcasts (I vote for this)
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    with the title as is, -1 for me. If option 2 was more the focus of the question, it would be +1 – Jon Mar 5 '11 at 7:25

The podcast is resumed, the first episode since it was stopped can be found on the stackoverflow blog:


The link should probably be changed to http://blog.stackoverflow.com/category/podcasts/ which shows the podcast related blog posts, although they should probably start sending them to http://blog.stackexchange.com/category/podcasts/

Also, as they are using soundcloud to host them, you can find an RSS feed of the podcast to point your music player at here:


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The podcasts have resumed, but the podcast link still needs to be changed because they are no longer being distributed through IT Conversations.

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