Several posts deal with how "Did you google it?" type answers aren't productive.

How to deal with "Have you tried Google?" comments

I came across this post, which isn't an altogether terrible post, but suggests googling terms more than once: Dumbbell weight training for distance running (currently closed beta) and noticed it was absent from the /review page.

Can we have google added to /review/low-quality-posts?

  • This is clearly related to the "Are there questions that are too simple?" debate. As much as Google comments are noise, sometimes it's so simple to answer that I feel reputation generated from these is worthless.
    – zneak
    Mar 6 '11 at 6:23

We're working on a more scientific approach to low-quality auto-flagging, by looking for similarities in posts downvoted or flagged as low quality (sort of similar to the Kaggle contest we ran for closed questions). This will eventually replace the semi-arbitrary regexes in place right now.

In this case, the referenced post got 2 upvotes which indicates that people found it useful (and didn't bother editing), so it wouldn't even make it into the low quality queue.

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