Bear with me...

  1. I went to sign into mechanics pre-beta, but couldn't because it couldn't associate the new url of Google Profile OpenId (profiles.google.com), with the 'old' one on Area51 (www.google.com/profiles)
  2. So I switched/updated my OpenId on Area51, and managed to sign in to mechanics - but the system could only automatically associate me with Area51.
  3. That seemed pretty normal to me - they both use the new url.
  4. However, now on all the other sites where I have accounts, I only see Area51 and mechanics under accounts.

I can fiddle all of this manually, but I figured it might be useful for devs to have something to look at, if there's anything that needs fixing.

Quick links: Area51, mechanics, SO, meta, webapps, SU, SF, photo, english, atheism, cooking, programmers, apps

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Login with Google Profiles identifier no longer working, new sites do not associate automatically

But, you may need to clear associations and re-associate to re-match the changed sites.

  • OK, thanks. I'll have a look. Edit: It worked!
    – Benjol
    Mar 9, 2011 at 8:59

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