Since many "questions" at stackapps are actually finished scripts (e.g. this) I'd like to be able to award a bounty to the script itself.

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Since you're linking to my script: I appreciate it, but honestly, it feels a lot more rewarding when I see that a script is actually in use – e.g. be cause the "installed X times" number on userscripts.org goes up, or I notice in screenshots that my script is running there, or people give feedback and suggestions, or leave nice comments, etc.

Especially in a place like StackApps, where people list the stuff they have created, the best way to pat people on the back is: actually using the stuff. Because, you know, it's awesome to see people use the stuff you created.

Another example: My Unicornify question has a score of 199, but what's really awesome is that Unicornify serves 3 requests per second because people actually implemented it on their sites.

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