1. I think the accept rate stat really should go on a user's profile; that's where it belongs. It can currently be seen only with question, but there is no way to quickly look it up, both for you and for other users. (Yes, I know this suggestion is a duplicate of other ones, but they didn't get any definite answer; this is the reason I'm asking again.)

  2. When you have lots of questions in your history, finding ones that didn't receive an answer, or ones that received them but where you didn't accept one, can be difficult. A filtering option would be really helpful here.

Real use case: today I was looking at my accept rate and wanted to clean it up a little; I had to manually look for old unanswered questions, and then go back to any question of mine in order to monitor accept rate.

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  • I'd raise it, but I have difficulties finding unanswered questions. – Massimo Mar 10 '11 at 15:10