As discussed here, there is unexpected behaviour when a single-letter tag is the first one in a list of tags in the filter-by-tag url. To get around this, one can use a space or %20 instead of + to separate the tags. However, this workaround is currently only manually implemented. If you hit the "c" tag, and then want to filter by one of the related tags like "c++", you have to either edit the url by hand and hit enter, or go to another page to clear the tags, hit the "c++" tag and then hit the "c" tag.

Neither of these options is nearly as convenient or obvious as just clicking on the "c++" tag. It seems that it should be fairly easy to make the link delimiter used dependent on whether or not a currently selected tag contains "+", and I think it would improve usability. So why hasn't it been done yet?

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It's because we hate our users. That's why.

Well, users of "certain" languages.. anyway..

plus-delimiting is now detected this way:

  1. must not contain a space

  2. matches this expression

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    How can I argue with such conviction? :)
    – Sean
    Jul 23, 2009 at 12:46

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