Whenever there is a database/sql question people typically like to see some example data. It can be fairly time consuming to enter meaningful table data into your question. The typical format looks like:

id    |desc    |someFlag
4324  |this    |0 
4325  |is      |0 
4326  |some    |0 
4327  |example |0 
4328  |data    |0 

Getting this can take a few minutes on it's own but it gets really frustrating when you decide to add another row and have to redo the spacing for every line:

id    |desc                                                           |someFlag
4324  |this                                                           |0 
4325  |is                                                             |0 
4326  |some                                                           |0 
4327  |example                                                        |0 
4328  |data                                                           |0 
4329  |this is a really long description that messes up the formatting|0 

Would anyone else find it helpful if there was some sort of pop up where you could add columns/rows/data and it would spit out a formatted table to in your question?



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