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Closing Etiquette: Why Do Some Answer and Close?

How do you feel about voting to close a question and answering the question at the same time?

Let's say I vote to close a question as a duplicate, but I am not sure if my opinion will be shared by four other people. Should I answer the question if I know the solution?


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There is no policy.

Some avoid it.

Other do it, holding out the justification that (a) it might help the OP and (b) the close might not actually happen.

// and I answered first, then went and found the above linked alleged duplicate afterward. So I'm guilty this time, even though I am usually in the the "don't do it" camp.


Add your answer to the question you link to as the "master" - assuming that it's not a duplicate answer of course.


I don't know but I'm gonna try it now

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