When a question is migrated to a SE site that I'm not registered to, I can't claim ownership of my comments. An example question: The video file cannot be played

I registered only after the question was migrated and can't delete my comments. I always like to perform some garbage collection of noise comments made by me. (like on the example question)

Would it be possible to claim ownership of comments in this scenario? Is this a bug?

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    I know it's not a fix but you could flag the question for a moderator to delete the noise. As a mod on Programmers' I will look at recently migrated questions and delete "belongs on programmers" type comments. – ChrisF Mar 15 '11 at 10:49

This currently isn't supported.

When comments are migrated, we do check if the owner exists on the destination site and assign ownership, as this is an easy lookup.

However, if the user didn't exist and then joins, the overhead needed to find any migrated comments isn't trivial. We feel that this overhead isn't merited, since comments are so lightweight.

(We've done many rounds of tuning for posts to make new account creation speedy for finding any migrated posts).

We might revisit assigning comment ownership, but for now, just flag the post for moderator attention asking for the comment to be removed. I've done this for your comment in question!

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