Is the software on which Stack Exchange is based available so you can set up your own, private SE-like site? Or is there other software available to set up a similar site?

I would like to propose setting up a SE-like internal site at my work place, as a way of documenting the company's software frameworks, workflow practices and so. I think focusing on concrete questions will be more light-weight than writing full-blown documentation; but I also think some software is needed to manage things better than what's possible with mailing lists or a plain wiki.


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Yes! Stack Overflow now offers a feature-complete, privately-hosted version of Stack Overflow so developer teams can securely and privately document their internal frameworks and methodologies Q&A-style. See

Stack Overflow Enterprise is now available!

Stack Overflow Enterprise is privately hosted on-premises (or on a secure cloud network) to help teams collaborate, move faster, and share knowledge amongst themselves in a secure environment. You can request a demo or contact the Enterprise Team through the Stack Overflow Enterprise website to learn more.

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    Transparent price estimates would be good. JS
    – Rondo
    Dec 19, 2018 at 20:18

I was disappointed by the official answer so I kept googling around. You may be interested in this question that lists alternatives

Stack Exchange clones

This is also mentioned in the comments above by Pekka. I think this response deserves more visibility.

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