I was wondering whether Stackoverflow could list all question tags in a certain way so we could actually search questions using Google? SEO experts could provide some valuable insight into this.

"asp.net-mvc" site:stackoverflow.com for instance is a good Google query that would list questions with asp.net-mvc tags, but adding "routing" is not necessarily related to question tags rather than free text.

There's this great Google service called Google Alerts where one can subscribe to certain Google search results. I can see this as a better version of the Stackexchange tag subscription which is only able to subscribe to multiple tags using OR operator instead of AND.

See my feature request about it.

A suggestion

From the lack of my SEO knowledge I may be totally wrong but I can still make a suggestion.

Question tags could be pre/appended with certain characters that can be specified in a Google query. These tag markers would be part of question content in a hidden div os they wouldn't be visible (or set with text-indent: -1000em or something similar to make them invisible to humans but visible to search crawlers).

They could be written as


So you could write a search query as

"TAGasp.net-mvcTAG" "TAGroutingTAG" site:stackoverflow.com

The best suggestion would of course be, to implement AND operator on StackExchange email tag subscription. That would of course be best. That's also suggested by the other linked question.

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There is no known way to do this.

Google does not support any reliable (read: searchable) form of metadata about webpages in the way you are describing.

I'd love to be proven wrong, but there's nothing I've found in the last few years of looking.

  • See my added suggestion in the question. Commented Mar 18, 2011 at 11:03

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