Somehow I have gotten two accounts set up in the Careers 2.0 system with the same OpenID (Google). Now whenever I log in from a "fresh computer" (no cookies or anything) I can only reach one of the accounts and not the other. The biggest problem with this is that the one I cannot reach is the one which actually has a publicly listed profile and is getting offers.

How I believe this happened is that I registered for Careers 1.0 and only confirmed after 2.0 was set up.... This account ended up allowing me to configure some profile settings but did not allow for public listing.

Recently I got an invite from the system to add a new account, so I jumped on the opportunity to have a properly listed profile. I expected it to just elevate my previous profile, but when I went to register it with the same email it wouldn't let me. So I associated another email with it and ended up with the problem as stated above.

I can still access the other account from the computer I registered with originally (haven't munged that cookie yet) and I of course get emails related to that account.

How might I go about merging accounts such that this issue gets resolved?

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I just merged your accounts. Can you double check that everything looks good?

  • Everything appears to be working fine. Thank you! I would comment that some of the merge things clobbered the more correct information, but I can fix that pretty easily. Also, the very fast response time was much appreciated.
    – akdom
    Commented Mar 21, 2011 at 19:46

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