When editing the body of a question, "How to Format" has

► put returns between paragraphs 
► for linebreak add 2 spaces at end 
► _italic_ or **bold**
► indent code by 4 spaces
► backtick escapes `like_so_`
► and some other stuff
► please do not ask how to parse XHTML with regular expressions
► or why two floating point numbers aren't equal

Some questions on Stack Overflow by new users have bold used when backticks should be used instead. If the order of bullet points were changed, they might be more likely to use the correct formatting.

  • If it is possible to edit the post that way, they should edit it! Everything that matters is a good format of a question to be made it clear for users to understand and help them! Jan 18, 2014 at 15:10

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It actually seems as though the opposite problem exists where many new users abuse backticks for the purpose of highlighting text.

As those posts have pointed out, there are a lot of examples

Regardless, the How to Format isn't necessarily a style guide. It doesn't tell anybody how they should use markdown formatting, it just tells them how to do it.

Finally, it looks like the markdown help has been changed since creating this post so that Styling and Code are two different sections that have the appropriate markdown help, thus alleviating any confusion:


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