When an answer consisting solely of a link to elsewhere in the Stack Exchange universe is posted, it should be converted to a comment prefixed with "See: ". Perhaps this could be widened to cover any single-link answer.

Some sort of rubric, perhaps

Your answer consists solely of a hyperlink, and will be posted as a comment unless you add further details.

could appear when the answer is being composed.

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    Think about new members who can't post comments yet. Mar 20, 2011 at 14:00

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Now completed per the answer provided at

Answer appears automatically converted as a comment

I posted an answer (pointing to another question already asked) but when I hit submit, I saw my answer appear as a comment to the question instead.


My own inclination is, if the answer is solely a link to another Stack Overflow page (or same-site on the Stack Exchange network) the answerer should be prompted to post a full answer, explaining how that answer is applicable or may be amended/adapted to answer this question, or consider flagging the question as a possible duplicate of that question.

If the answer is a link to another website, outside of the Stack Exchange network, then I sincerely think that the answer should not be accepted for posting to the site, possibly until it's been reviewed and 'accepted' by a community moderator/>10K user. An explanatory note should be presented to the person trying to answer, but a link is not, nor should be considered, in most cases an answer.

  • What about questions that are asking for resources like, where's a good site that explains the basics of C#?
    – Michael
    Jul 19, 2011 at 1:36

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