I have had a quick look around Meta and can't find an answer.

What i'm wondering is before I have the reputation to actually vote to close a question for certain reasons. Can I at least help out by flagging the post in a way to alert other higher reputation users to have a look at it and cast their vote?

The 'flag' feature on a post is a little too harsh as I assume this flags it for moderators rather than other members.

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As a low-rep user, you have two options:

  • Edit the post to bring it up to par. Your edit will be placed in the edit queue, and users with edit privileges can approve the edit. You gain +2 reputation for an approved edit.

  • If the post is actually a problem post, flagging it is the right thing to do. You even have the same options under "It doesn't belong here" as users with close votes do. It's not too harsh since a moderator will take care of it in whatever manner is most appropriate. For flagged posts on which the moderator takes action, you even gain increased flag weight to gain more flags per day.

  • Thanks Renesis, I didn't notice those other options. I'm glad I can take a more active role in the community now :) Mar 24, 2011 at 6:00

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