C# SOAP Web Services client - example that shows how to log all raw SOAP intput and output?

@Thymine made an edit to improve the display of the first link. I reviewed and saw some text removed and an ebay.com URL in the post, and just hit the reject button. But when I followed the actual answer link, I saw that Thymine had indeed improved the original post: an URL was formatted incorrectly on the webpage, but in the approve/reject dialog it looked fine.

So I accidentally rejected a very useful edit. And I would feel better if I could blame the tool. :)


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I just went ahead and approved it.

Keep in mind our html diff is good but not perfect for all uses, we can not fix a lot of super hairy diff like this ... I strongly recommend you try the markdown diff for hairy diffs like this.

markdown is king

  • Thanks Waffles! :) <3 the graphic, and I hadn't even thought to try it out yet.
    – sarnold
    Mar 24, 2011 at 5:55

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