Found some wiki pages for privileges that are now out of date due to recent (and not so recent?) changes over the Stack Exchange network.

I'll list those I found, though I'm sure that on closer look we can find more.

Privilege page for setting a bounty: (already done by Yi Jiang) enter image description here

While the real design is now this:
enter image description here

I don't remember when the change happened, but think it needs to be updated in that page too. :)

Comment everywhere wiki page:
The "What happens when I comment?" section needs an update to the change in the @ system.

Create community-wiki posts page: (done it myself now)
Screenshot is outdated.

Vote up questions and answers page:
Maybe it's worth to mention that only Registered Members can do that?

Flag posts page:
Need lots of work... screenshot outdated plus description of available options.
"How many flags do I have?" section also need to be updated.

Edit questions and answers page:
Missing the associated badges.

Would have done more, but have limited time plus not enough experience here so I leave this to your trusted hands. :)

Please let me know who done what so I keep this post updated.


I have updated the wiki's master, which can be found on Meta to include a new screenshot. It should be pushed out to all other sites after a while. The change came about to remove the jQuery UI slider dependency as per Jeff's comment here: Could we make the new flagging dialog draggable maybe?

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