I looked at one of my approved edits and found I had a whopping four rejected edits (that is much more than what I expected). I was able to see a snippet of a half a dozen recent edits and see the one that was rejected and I guessed why.

I would really like to see which others were rejected. How can I do that?

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You can also use Data Explorer to search for your suggestions that were rejected or approved. (Or search for rejected edits and accepted edits separately.)

Since implementation of the "Magic Column with arbitrary URL" feature-request, I updated the queries and added a link to the suggested edit page itself.


An old question, but still extremely relevant, and with a much easier answer 4 years on (did I mention that I love the new update? :D ):

  1. At the top right of the screen, click on your user profile icon. This now takes you to a page like this (sorry, this is my first meta.stackexchange post, so there's no activity on this site for my profile right now).
  2. At the right of the screen, you'll see an IMPACT box. It shows how many posts you've edited. Click on the hyperlink there that reads x posts edited.
  3. You've now effectively gone to all actions > revisions. Now, click on the all actions > suggestions sub-tab, and voila! A list of all edits, both accepted and rejected :D
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    For some reason this is not available on an across-all-communities basis via stackexchange.com/users{SEuserID}?tab=activity&sort=suggestions so I have the following: data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/query/752249/…
    – mpag
    Nov 3, 2017 at 22:42
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    I wish to only see rejected editsout of these... Jul 4, 2020 at 21:48
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    It's a problem that you can't see only the rejected ones (and that you don't get informed when it's rejected); how will I improve as an editor? Sep 6, 2020 at 6:11
  • @ItamarMushkin Not relevant to you anymore but for others, here's some advice. Every 3-4 days say if you suggest an edit once a day, go to your profile page and then view "all actions". You'll see either "approve" or "reject", for suggestions that have been reviewed. Clicking either will show the stats and rejection reason (if rejected). Heck, I even checked my edits which were accepted to see if anybody edited over it, after all, our edits need to be as complete as possible. A good number of times I learnt what I had missed out.
    – joeljpa
    Aug 7 at 7:47
  • @joeljpa, what he means is that he doesn't want to click <Next> 100 times (each page shows only 20 per) and ctrl-F a 100 times, just to seek the few rejected ones. He also doesn't want to bother with data.SE for something that should be so simple.
    – Pacerier
    Oct 29 at 12:27

There's no convenient way, on your own and without a ♦, to see your history of edit suggestions short of keeping track of them yourself. Diamonds possess a limitted ability to view the history of edit suggestions of users, so you might be able to ask one to help you.

As a normal user, you can hackshod your way into finding out, though, by first finding any of your edit suggestions (approved or rejected), and checking the edit suggestion page. At the bottom will be a list of "recent edits", which will shuffle based on what edit suggestion you're looking at. The length of time this will take to sift through depends on your volume of suggestions, but I've successfully used it to review 30 of my edit suggestions once, so it should be able to find your rejections if you keep at it.

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    You may want to change the 'there is' to 'was' with a strike-see above :) Mar 26, 2012 at 10:19
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    @Manishearth Honestly, pointing out the (rather old by this point, but relative to this question) new "suggestions" tab would be the better point here.
    – Grace Note StaffMod
    Mar 26, 2012 at 12:25

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